DIY Photo Corner (Photo booth), whether part of a wedding, birthday party or a corporate event, has become very popular for the following reasons:

  • Engaging guests in social interaction
  • It is a time filler in-between formalities
  • Releases the tension of months and months planning the event
  • Adding fun to the event
  • Creates long lasting memories of the event for many years to come

The photo corner setup varies from event to event and can be customized according to the occasion / needs of the client. The following DIY photo booths options are available:

  • Formal photo corner for family or group photos
  • Fun photo corner with props at weddings and parties
  • Photo corner with green screen which is replaced with an existing image as background

Props are used to create fun and allow guests to do something they don’t do in their everyday lives. Examples of props frequently used:

  • Props on sticks

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  • “Silly” props (hats, colored hair, sunglasses, clothing etc.)

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  • Client’s own provided props according to theme (custom made)

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  • Furniture / decorations supplied by the venue

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Dimensions and Safety:

When deciding on a photo corner, assess the venue in terms of space. The most popular photo cornerss are normally inside the venue engaging all guests to form part of the fun it creates.

Look for areas that are between 4 to 6 meters wide with an uncluttered background (no fire extinguishers on walls, no signs on walls, no electrical panels etc. Items such as wall sockets etc. can be edited out if small) The area between the background and camera must be in the region of 5 meters to accommodate large groups. These sizes are applicable for full length photos. Smaller areas are adequate for half-length photos and smaller groups.

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Bear in mind the possible size of group photos and the format of the photos (landscape or portrait)

Safety of the guests must be taken into account, especially if small children attend the event. Loose standing studio lights are used and although the cables are taped to floor with gaffer tape, guests might still trip over non-taped sections. Large, loose standing photo frames that are used for borders must be stable and secured.

The most important part of the photo booth: HAVE FUN!!!



On-site printing is also optional for photo booths. Photos could be sponsored as guest souvenirs or be available for guests to purchase. Printing is available in 2×6” strips (50x150mm) with 4 small images on strip, 4×6” (100x150mm) with single images and 6×8” (150x200mm) with single image.


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